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Who we are

Fare Grange Law is a boutique public-interest law firm providing top-notch, cost-effective, and concentrated legal firepower to the architects of a sustainable food chain.

Our attorneys are focused on leveling the playing field for independent farmers and food entrepreneurs competing in a highly-regulated marketplace skewed to favor
Big Ag and Big Food.

Who we serve

We provide legal guidance for sustainable, local, non-GMO and organic farm businesses, independent food entrepreneurs, and 
advocacy groups.

Fare Grange Law works to help small and medium-scale farm and food businesses grow and thrive.  We combine extensive expertise with strategic legal advocacy to create a strong legal backbone for the people and businesses in the good food universe.

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Fare Grange Law works for you. 
Whether you’re a farmer, processor,
food entrepreneur, or advocacy organization, we can help you overcome the legal barriers standing in your path to success.

Read our latest firm news.

Read our latest firm news.

Click here for more program details.

Click here for more program details.

The Fare Grange team.

The Fare Grange team.

Recent Firm News

Fare Grange Law is delighted to be facilitating the very first "Legal Corner" offering free in-person consultations at the 2014 Minnesota Organic Conference. Fare Grange Law partner Jen Jambor-Delgado will also be presenting "The Real Deal on LLCs" at the conference. Click here for more details.

Beginning Farmer & Food Entrepreneur Program

We are thrilled to announce our new Beginning Farmer & Food Entrepreneur Program. This pilot program is designed to increase access to legal services for new farm and food businesses in the sustainable and organic sector. Click here to learn more.

Meet Our Lawyers

Learn more about Fare Grange Law attorneys Jen Jambor-Delgado and Amanda N. Heyman, and see how our talented and experienced team can help your operation grow and thrive.